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Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

Remove cultural barriers at work

About the program

Canadian organizations are and will continue to be faced with diversity related challenges when dealing with their workforce, partners and customers because of shifting Canadian demographics and global business activity. 

Culturally diverse teams, whether located in Canada or overseas, provide organizations with the opportunity to draw on the power and efficiency of global teams.  However, cultural norms, work practices, distance and time zones can each introduce uncertainty and friction, reducing team effectiveness, morale and customer satisfaction.

This new program provides the practical understanding and set of skills needed to effectively overcome sensitive cultural nuances and establish strong relationships with partners, colleagues and customers from all backgrounds.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Develop greater cross-cultural awareness: Learn the unique nuances, beliefs and traditions associated with cultures — and consider their relevance to your organization.
  • Lead and communicate with diverse teams: Discover techniques to effectively communicate with, motivate and inspire members of diverse groups, including teams, stakeholders, customers and partners.
  • Foster respect, growth and success: Learn to navigate disagreements, resolve conflicts and solve problems where cultural considerations are in play. Establish the trust and respect needed for growth and success.

Who should attend

This program is designed for anyone working in an increasingly diverse setting looking to overcome cultural barriers and promote a healthier organizational culture. The program is particularly well-suited for leaders working with a diverse customer, employee or partner base.

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Personal benefits

  • Gain an appreciation for the perspectives, beliefs and mindsets about culture and its role in personal and organizational success
  • Learn strategies to earn and maintain trust with colleagues, partners and customers
  • Build the confidence needed to overcome cultural barriers at work

Organizational benefits

  • Prepare your organization to capture the opportunity of Canada’s increasingly diverse workforce
  • Increase collaboration, efficiency and productivity while fostering a culture of inclusion and respect
  • Develop cultural intelligence as a competitive advantage both in Canada and abroad

Module 1

  • Explore culture through the lens of the unique nuances, beliefs and traditions associated with each
  • Discuss the impact of increasing cultural diversity on business performance
  • Learn strategies to effectively communicate across cultures, including considerations for diverse teams, stakeholders and customer groups
  • Learn how to be an effective leader, able to motivate and inspire within a culturally diverse group

Module 2

  • Reflect on new learning and network with fellow participants
  • Learn to navigate difficult topics, including addressing performance issues and disagreements
  • Gain practical strategies to establish and maintain trust within diverse groups
  • Explore and practice strategies to resolve conflict across cultures

Session Leaders

Queen’s Executive Education programs rely on faculty from Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business, as well as domain experts from industry. Our teachers come with deep expertise and are constantly in touch with today’s business world and research to formulate the best-fit education for each program.

Christina is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years of experience in both in the private and public sectors. As Vice-President of Human Resources for a manufacturing company with clients around the globe, Christina provided strategic advice on how to optimize and grow business in foreign countries. In the public sector, she has helped organizations to capitalize on increasing diversity based on the changing demographics of Canada's workforce and how to adapt all HR processes to support and engage cross-cultural talent.

In addition to the cultural matters, she has worked with executives and leaders across various industries to help them expand their leadership strengths, elicit staff engagement and foster high-performance teams. As part of this work, she's been actively sought after to support troubled groups and individuals who are underperforming or causing problems as the results of interpersonal conflict.

Christina previously taught for the University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business, and she now teaches cross-cultural management for Queen's University Faculty of Law, as well as the Queen's Executive Education.

Christina has an undergraduate degree in commerce, and two graduate degrees in international business focused on leadership and organizational strategy. For her Master's thesis, Christina conducted primary research into what types of organizational efforts would make a difference in engaging employees from various cultures in higher degrees of organizational commitment. This research was focused on healthcare, where Christina has spent the majority of her career.

Shai Dubey teaches courses in negotiations, cross-cultural management, ethics, domestic and international business law and entrepreneurship.

Shai earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Toronto and his Law Degree from Queen's University. Shai is also a graduate of the aviation Flight Technology Program at Seneca College. 

After graduating from Seneca College in 1984, he began his working career as a commercial pilot. In 1985 he founded and ran both an executive aircraft charter company and a flight training school based in Toronto. After selling this company, Shai worked as an aviation consultant providing strategic and regulatory advice to Canadian and foreign clients. He practiced law on Bay Street and then ran a global company prior to joining Queen’s.

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