Business Storytelling
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Business Storytelling

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Business Storytelling

About the program

From brands reaching customers, to leaders inspiring teams, stories are the fuel that allows messages to move. Great stories sell, persuade, energize and spread. The rest is just noise.

This new half-day program will challenge your assumptions and skills about communicating in business today, providing you with the tools, perspectives, and frameworks needed for success. You will walk away from the program with the ability to create an endless supply of succinct and purposeful stories.

The included 90-day follow-up plan includes weekly emails and helpful video prompts to consolidate and sustain learnings, and further integrate new skills.

In this program you will learn to:

  • Understand the various storytelling styles in business
  • Recognize the building blocks of a story worth (re)telling
  • Spot the differences between traditional storytelling and business storytelling
  • Utilize a proven framework to craft stories that engage and inspire

Who Should Attend

Any manager or executive who relies on powerful communication to lead, inspire, engage, or sell.

Personal benefits

  • Understand your personal communication style and its impact on others
  • Move from simply delivering information to inspiring your team
  • Overcome information overload with focused messaging that sticks
  • Generate an endless supply of succinct and purposeful stories

Organizational benefits

  • Streamline communication within your organization thanks to clear, focused messaging
  • Improve engagement across generations, particularly young talent who respect values over title and authority
  • Greater success with major initiatives, including corporate strategy, crisis response, and organizational change

Program content

The program leverages the educational power of multiple teaching tools, including class discussions, role-play simulation, and exchange of ideas and perspectives with faculty and fellow participants.

This program is built upon a 4-part Authentic Storytelling framework:


Establish the skills required to communicate an authentic story, allowing you to influence, engage and inspire those around you.


Learn to discover and collect the stories hidden within your organization. Document the past, see the present and paint a picture of the future.


Learn methods of sharing stories within your organization, including informing senior stakeholders, enabling them to role model key values and influence others.


Use your behaviour and actions to foster new stories, creating a powerful ripple effect throughout your organization.

Dynamic Remote Learning

Participate in the program from anywhere. Queen’s Executive Education remote learning programs combine live, dynamic video instruction with breakout sessions, panel discussions, and expert Q&A.

Our learning platform is fully encrypted, allowing you to connect securely from home, office or anywhere in between.

Remote programs are designed to fit within your schedule, allowing you to learn new skills and immediately put them to work.

Session Leaders & Speakers


Ellen Weiss is the founder and principal of BrandFare, a professional consulting organization dedicated to helping people who are dissatisfied with the impact their brand is having in the marketplace. BrandFare uncovers insights and creates high-impact strategies for organizations, products, and services across industries to set your brand apart and make every marketing investment more productive. The power of communicating more effectively extends to leaders themselves and Ellen has become an accredited partner in GENIUS Business Storytelling to skill up leaders to make sure their business messages are truly understood, remembered and retold.

Prior to her eighteen years as brand champion and change agent at healthcare giant Warner Lambert, Ellen received her MBA from Adelphi University with honours and her BA in Psychology from Binghamton University. She was selected for the coveted International Women's Forum Leadership Fellows program and remains involved as Board Trustee for IWF New Jersey. When she is not working or working out, Ellen volunteers as a mentor for young professionals and the Center for Hope and Safety.

Upcoming Sessions

Session Date Aug 11, 2021 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT
Location Remote Learning
Program Fees $799 CAD (plus applicable taxes)
Session Date Nov 3, 2021 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT
Location Remote Learning
Program Fees $799 CAD (plus applicable taxes)

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