Professional Leadership Programs

Program Overview

The Leading with Impact program is an intensive immersion into what it means to be a leader who can effect change within organizations, communities and society at large.

Today’s business and organizational decisions rely on leadership that can navigate competing tensions and drive change in uncertain environments. To succeed, decision makers must draw on their values to lead with integrity and impact. They meet their potential by gaining new mindsets and tools that hone their skills, broaden their spheres of influence and strengthen their teams.

By attending this unique program, you will broaden your knowledge and gain foresight into how social and environmental factors will affect the future direction of your industry and organization.  Smith faculty uses a combination of insightful teaching, classroom discussion and team exercises to prepare you to be agile, and to lead your organization in a responsible and ethical way that will maximize its potential to effect lasting positive change.


  • Toronto
  • Corporate and individual rate: $1,995+HST
  • Non-profit and public sector rate: $995+HST

This course can be applied to your Certificate in Social Impact for Professionals.

Benefits of Participation


  • Network and learn from expert faculty and practitioners
  • Join a rapidly growing global community of responsible leaders
  • Develop practical skills for leadership excellence
  • Design and implement engagement strategies where people feel valued, connected, and committed to the outcomes
  • Broaden your ability to have positive social impact in your organization and community
  • Understand what it means to be a responsible and ethical leader


  • Apply theories and concepts to an issue specific to individual organizations
  • Develop knowledge of social impact topics
  • Inspire an impactful organizational culture, supportive of innovation
  • Achieve strategic goals with more responsible and ethical leaders
  • Build and execute cross-sector partnerships
  • Gain tools to further an organization’s social impact

What You'll Learn

  • Ways to cultivate and support values-based leadership
  • How to navigate competing tensions for complex decision making
  • Designing for innovation
  • Authenticity and transformational leadership
  • Translating ideas to action
  • Social intrapreneurship
  • Partnering across sectors
  • Community citizenship

Who Should Attend

We welcome a range of participants with senior management experience from the public and corporate sectors. This includes executives whose experience draw from engaging across sectors and diverse stakeholders.

Session Leaders

Dr. Tina Dacin
Stephen J.R. Smith Chaired Professor of Strategy & Organizational Behavior and Director, Centre for Social Impact, Smith School of Business

Tina Dacin's research interests include cultural heritage and traditions, institutional change, social innovation/entrepreneurship, and strategic collaboration. Her work has been published in leading management journals and she has held a number of leadership positions in the Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society and INFORMS. Tina teaches courses in leadership, change, social innovation and strategy. She is an experienced executive educator, teaching in programs offered by the Smith School of Business as well as the University of Cambridge and previously at the Kellogg School of Management and the joint Kellogg-ISB program. Tina advises and speaks to major corporations in the airline, biotechnology, defense, energy, financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors as well as a number of public sector and non-profit organizations. Tina received her doctorate from the University of Toronto and prior to joining Queen's University, she spent nine years at Texas A & M University.

Jay Handelman
Associate Dean Faculty, Smith School of Business

Jay Handelman is the Associate Dean Faculty, and the Commerce ’77 Fellow in Marketing at Smith School of Business. He was the founding Director of Smith School of Business Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (now called the Centre for Social Impact) and is currently a member of the Centre for Social Impact Advisory Board. His research and teaching interests centre on ways in which marketers integrate emotional, social, and cultural dimensions into their product/service and branding strategies. This has led to areas of investigation that include the ways in which marketers interact with not only consumers, but also how their work shapes broader marketplace structures.

Kate Rowbotham
Adjunct Assistant Professor & Distinguished Faculty Fellow of Organizational Behaviour, Smith School of Business

Dr. Kate Rowbotham is an assistant professor at Smith School of Business. Dr. Rowbotham received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies and French and her Master of Science in Management from Queen’s University. She completed her PhD at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto in 2009.

Dr. Rowbotham’s research focuses primarily on the interaction of personal and professional lives. Her dissertation examined the relationship between employee knowledge of a coworker’s deviant behaviours outside the workplace and reactions to the coworker within the workplace. Other research interests include gender issues, modesty, and negotiations. Dr. Rowbotham’s work has been presented at international conferences in North America and Europe.

Dr. Rowbotham has taught human resource management, organizational behaviour, and negotiations at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto, where she won a teaching effectiveness award. Dr. Rowbotham has worked in educational and non-profit industries, and in small business management.