Community Engagement

The Community Impact Research Program is committed to engaging with and supporting local community leaders and community researchers. We host events for scholars, students, and the broader community to convene and share ideas and interview local leaders who are building community.


The CIRP hosts events, panels, and seminars to share ideas and knowledge about community to diverse audiences.

Building Diverse Communities: A Research Seminar and Panel Discussion

The Community Impact Research Program hosted a research seminar and panel discussion on building diverse communities on Thursday, February 4th, 2021.

The research seminar, led by Oriane Georgeac (Yale) and Aneeta Rattan (London Business School), explored “What you say matters: How organizational diversity rhetoric can undermine progress.”

The panel discussion examined what top business schools around the world are doing to build diverse communities. The speakers included Brenda Brouwer (Smith School of Business), Tina Dacin (Smith School of Business), Oriane Georgeac (Yale), Aneeta Rattan (London Business School) and Sarah Soule (Stanford Business School).

In Conversation

In Conversation is a series of discussions with local Kingston and Canadian leaders highlighting the innovative ways they are building community.

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In Conversation with Travis Blackmore

by Nicole Rodger

Nicole Rodger, a CIRP student research fellow, sits down for a conversation with Travis Blackmore.

Blackmore is a Kingston resident and the founder of Lionhearts, a local charity organization that aims to unite people with practical acts of love.

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