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Certificate in Indigenous Leadership, Innovation & Management

Presented by Redbird Circle Inc. and Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

The Certificate in Indigenous Leadership, Innovation & Management program will support Indigenous community members in rural and remote locations who have been laid off due to COVID-19, receiving social assistance, and/or are at high risk of leaving organizations or businesses due to lack of promotion to management roles.

The program will provide:

  • Essential knowledge and skills directly related to working with First Nations, Inuit & Metis communities (rural & remote) in a changed workplace including due to the impacts of COVID;
  • Upskilling in Indigenous leadership, management and intrapreneurship to nurture existing employee growth and career advancement to senior roles;
  • Training of community members in Indigenous entrepreneurship to support local economic recovery and unemployment/underemployment rates.

The program approach is based on Indigenous knowledge and pedagogy. It will also include partnerships with local businesses to create pathways for learners and develop networking opportunities

Contact Us

To learn more about the program, contact:
JP Shearer
Smith School of Business,
Queen’s University

The Program & Certificate

Learners can take a series of independent micro-credentials and receive a digital badge of completion for each. If they choose to complete all the credentials, they will earn the Certificate in Indigenous Leadership, Innovation & Management.

The program uses the Redbird Circle Learning Framework, which is firmly rooted in Indigenous knowledge based on the Anishinaabe interpretations of the Medicine Wheel and Seven Grandfather Teachings.

About the Partners

Redbird Circle Inc. is a Certified Aboriginal Business that provides holistic education and training rooted in Indigenous pedagogy and western learning methodologies.

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University is renowned for its excellence, innovation, and leadership in business education and research. This initiative is a collaboration between Smith Centre for Business Venturing (CBV), the Master of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MMIE) Program, and the Community Revitalization Research Program (CRRP).