Mahadeo Sukhai

Cancer Researcher with specialization in clinical genomics and variant interpretation, molecular diagnostics, translational drug development and hematology/oncology. Concurrent strong interest and experience in the graduate and post-doctoral trainee environment, science education, science outreach, and research into the quality of and access to higher education by students with disabilities. Substantial volunteer leadership career as secretariat, volunteer staff, board/committee Chair, chief executive for not-for-profit and charitable organizations.

Specialties: Scientific: Next-generation sequencing data analysis; clinical interpretation of reportable variants (oncology setting); whole genome expression analysis; high throughput data analysis; preclinical drug development.

Additional: Governance roles and models in higher education and the not-for-profit sector; performance measures for not-for-profit and charitable programs and activities; project and program management; fundraising and organizational development; fund development; stakeholder relations; scholarship program management; public education and advocacy; measures of student and research trainee experience in higher education.