Leah Riddell

Leah teaches courses in American Sign Language and workshops for inclusive communication practices in the workplace. After training with Leah, you, your coworkers, and colleagues will be better equipped to serve and provide an environment that is inclusive and empathetic to different communication support needs. Leah’s background in strategic planning, visual design and community outreach further informs her mindful but positive approach to teaching. 

Inclusion communication doesn’t only affect those who are deaf and hard of hearing. By replacing misconceptions with meaningful, human-centric interaction, YOU, deaf, hard of hearing, deafened, new Canadians, persons with Autism, seniors, and more, can better communicate and lead the way toward a more equitable world. 

Leah is fueled by her passion for building a culture of accessible communication in the home, social and work environments. By turning information into action, she has had great success educating various businesses and institutions on how to be accommodating and inclusive. Learn more about the different classes and workshops offered or about sign language and the deaf and hard of hearing community on the blog!

American Sign Language Proficiency 4.0