Julie Foster

Julie Foster is a Manager of Sustainability and Governance Projects at Competent Boards. Julie was an integral part of a team who created the Global ESG Competent Boards Certificate Program which consists of 12 sessions that educate board members and executives about ESG, climate, diversity, human rights, and other sustainability issues and features 100+ world-renowned leaders.

Previously, Julie worked as a Project Analyst at Global Compact Network Canada, the Canadian network of the United Nations Global Compact, where she primarily focused on the ‘Gender Equality Leadership in the Canadian Private Sector’ project funded by Status of Women Canada. During this time, Julie organized 20+ workshops to foster collaborative discussion and collect insights regarding workplace gender equality from companies and created the initial 'Gender Equality Blueprint' designed to assist companies to achieve workplace gender equality.

Julie graduated with a Commerce degree from the Smith School of Business at Queen's University with a Certificate in Social Impact. Her passions within business include corporate responsibility, sustainability, and social business.