Eva Thouvenot

About Eva Thouvenot

Eva has multiple years of marketing, digital marketing, strategy and leadership experience. She has lead everything marketing from product development to go-to market strategies, implementing integrated campaigns throughout the entire digital funnel. She has had a diverse career and played different roles in a variety of industries such as CPG, NGO, sport, consulting and apparel retail. In 2012, she launched her first venture, a small consulting company providing strategic marketing and sales advises to Canadian SMBs and NGOs. She paused her entrepreneurial journey for a few years while taking on other assignments but recently co-founded Éphémère Creative and Rise. In addition to her work experience, Eva holds an undergraduate degree in Finance, has completed her AMBA at Queens University’s in 2016 and is wrapping up an online Master’s Degree program in Digital Marketing.

Eva sleeps, breathe and eat the world of strategic marketing. She is a one-part wildly creative marketer, one-part data nerd, one-part technical marketing wizard and one-part entrepreneur. The intersection of creativity and technology is what makes her excited. Settling for good makes her uncomfortable. Many could attest of her drive and passion for continuous learning and for her desire to motivate others in achieving their goals.

About Éphémère Creative

Eva co-founded Éphémère Creative to help mission driven organizations create effective web and mobile platforms. Technology is a powerful force in our lives; people engage with everything through the internet and apps. Éphémère tackles the opacity of tech by working with its partners to help them understand how to harness the power of tech to address social and environmental issues. With a focus on human centered design and development, Éphémère provides creativity, innovation, and accessibility. Evolving the way nonprofits exist and connect with people online helps them achieve their goals and make a positive impact on the world.

About Rise

Francis, Eva and Steve co-founded Rise in 2018. RISE is a full-funnel eCommerce accelerator who partners with small and medium brands who seek rapid growth but lack the combination of resources, time and expertise to propel their online business to its full potential at the speed they seek. We embed within our clients’ teams to help with leadership, strategy and execution. By aligning our compensation on outcomes rather than output (results vs work), we effectively abstract many the risks associated with traditional agencies and in-house staffing.