Jessica Bolduc

Jessica Bolduc, Executive Director of the 4Rs Youth Movement. She is a member of the Batchewana First Nation, and is living and making change from her home in Northern Ontario. She is the Executive Director of the 4Rs Youth Movement and is working to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth in support of a new vision for Canada. She currently sits on the Board of Community Foundations of Canada, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and Thinking Rock Community Arts and is a 2015 AFP Inclusion and Philanthropy Fellow. In her community, Jessica is working with other young leaders to foster arts-based economies, social infrastructure and hub spaces for change makers in Northern Ontario. In the future she is hoping these initiatives will be a catalyst in the development of a more sustainable place to call home by increasing reconciliation, strengthening inclusion and capacity of under-appreciated communities of people such as youth and Indigenous nations. In her spare time Jess enjoys hosting and promoting live music shows, brewing craft beer, and being out on the land, taking care to appreciate the richness of the area she lives in.