Al Etmanski

Al Etmanski is a community organizer, social entrepreneur and author. He believes social impact will not happen without the involvement of passionate amateurs. His new book: Impact: 6 Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation has become a Canadian bestseller. He is co-founder of Social innovation Generation (SiG) and BC Partners for Social Impact. As co-founder of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) he proposed and led the campaign to establish the world's only disability savings plan - the RDSP. There are now more than $2 Billion RDSP funds on deposit. He is an Ashoka fellow and a faculty member of John McKnight’s Asset-Based Community Development Institute. He is celebrating the 50th anniversary of catching a perfect game for the Hearst Lumberkings. 

He and his wife Vickie Cammack were recently awarded the Order of Canada for their work with people with disabilities and their families, as well as for their social innovation leadership. Al blogs at