Tyler Sparks-Austin

Tyler Sparks-Austin is a Client Unit Executive with responsibility for Ontario Schools. He helps districts and schools assess, design, implement and maintain efficient, scalable, resilient and secure IT infrastructures while managing multi-brand technical and consulting resources. He has been with the IBM K-12 Education Division for the last 14 years.

Tyler also commits a significant portion of his time to building, managing, and delivering many of IBM’s corporate citizenship efforts within his current clients (Canadian School Boards), as well as leading several different ‘philanthropic startups’ within IBM.

Recently, he co-chaired a very successful endeavor by the name of CIRCA (Citizen IBM Responding through Civic Action), which offers its membership a variety of opportunities for networking with a purpose, upskilling, and ability to participate in projects targeted at business challenges within several not-for-profit partners in the Toronto Region. Much of the CIRCA projects concept were modeled on IBM’s global Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program, which focuses on bringing global top talent to emerging markets in the global NGO/Not-for-Profit marketplace. Tyler was a part of IBM CSC India 17 team, which consisted of 12 IBM team members from across the world working on 4 individual client challenges in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.