Patrick Glinski

One of Idea Couture's first team members, Patrick currently oversees the IC/Health practice.

Having spent more than a half-decade honing Idea Couture's unique approach to applied innovation, Patrick's focus is on the collaboration between business strategy, social science and design disciplines and its opportunity to transform the quality of health experiences. Whether he's in the field, the lab, or the boardroom, Patrick is always focused on the sustainability of design strategy and improving quality of care for the populations who are least represented in the healthcare ecosystem.

Patrick joined Idea Couture in 2008 as an innovation strategist and project lead. With stints as head of planning, social innovation and service design, Patrick is constantly iterating and scaling the way that Idea Couture practices innovation. Patrick's deep expertise in financial services and healthcare has led him to oversee projects for Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie, American Express, Aviva Insurance, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, MIT, TD Bank, The Hospital for Sick Children, UCB, and the World Bank.

Prior to joining Idea Couture, Patrick held several strategy and user experience roles at leading digital agencies. He holds a BCom from Queen's university in Kingston.