Ken Gauthier

Ken is a Social Entrepreneur, and led in the development of the Urban Matters CCC social venture platform ( as a means to achieving better outcomes for communities.

Urban Matters, a registered Community Contribution Company, aims to operate at the intersection business and philanthropy by developing systems changing initiatives and collaborations, and business models to support them sustainably. Urban Matters CCC actively solicits unlikely collaborations between sectors and actors with a focus on pragmatic and impactful outcomes. Urban Matters CCC also serves as a community social innovation lab and is actively developing its new business model in real time.

Ken is also a principal/owner at Urban Systems (, a 40 year old consultancy that specializes in community development in Canada, as well as a Director of the Urban Foundation, a registered charity focused on achieving better outcomes for youth in communities.

Ken actively volunteers as the Co-Chair of the BC Partners for Social Impact; a Provincial scale network of peers, influencers and volunteers committed to the cause of social systems change in British Columbia. The BC Partners for Social Impact have been instrumental in developing enabling policy and legislative changes aimed at reducing barriers and nurturing a flourishing social innovation ecosystem in BC; such as establishing the first hybrid business incorporation model in Canada, the Community Contribution Company. Ken is also the President of the Kelowna Community Development Society; a local non-profit society dedicated to supporting aging adults with developmental disabilities, and as a Director with the Project Build Society; an innovative model to deliver affordable market housing options to families.