Julie Leach

Julie Leach is the manager of community investment and marketing at TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative and SolarShare Co-operative. She was a key player in developing the launch of SolarShare’s Solar Bond raise and has since grown the co-op through grassroots marketing and community fundraising. Julie also leads public relations, member management, and the “SolarShare Ambassador” program, an educational initiative she designed to increase co-op member engagement. Julie is focused on increasing the accessibility of impact investing to retail investors, and is currently supporting SolarShare’s work with financial institutions to make Solar Bonds RRSP eligible. Before joining the team, Julie was bit by the solar energy bug while living in an off-grid solar-powered office in rural Cambodia as a sustainable development volunteer. Her passion for social finance motivates her to engage individuals in renewable energy projects through community events and financial investment. Previously Julie has worked and volunteered in various cities around the world in education and sustainable development. She holds a B.A. from Concordia University in Creative Writing.