Dave Wilkin

Social entrepreneur Dave Wilkin is developing innovative ways for global organizations, governments and industries to better connect with the next generation. He is the Founder of TenThousandCoffees.com - the world’s first movement democratizing opportunity by connecting industry leaders with the next generation over coffee. Experts from over 800 organizations spanning 30 industries nationwide have already joined the movement and its network is growing everyday. Dave’s first-hand experience and original views on 21st century mentorship have earned him speaking opportunities for global audiences of top CEO’s including YPO events and a recent TedX talk titled “The Death of the Résumé." He is the recipient of Profit Guide’s 2012 FuEL Award, Strategy’s Gold Shopper Innovation Award, and has twice been recognized as a Marketing Magazine Top 30 Entrepreneur Under 30. A millennial himself, Dave and his Ten Thousand Coffees team are on a mission to bridge the gap between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow, fostering mutually beneficial conversations that shape what’s next.