Asier Ania

Asier Ania is the co-founder of HiveWire Inc., a triple-bottom line enterprise moving our community forward economically, ecologically, and socially through the efficient allocation of capital to companies and projects. HiveWire helps organizations access the power of the crowd through the application of innovative technology, generating value specific to their needs through crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, data analytics as well as consulting and workshops. Asier publicly advocates for the wider adoption of crowdfunding within the Canadian context. In 2013 HiveWire partnered with the Centre for Social Innovation to launch Catalyst, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to creating a better world. He holds a Masters in Applied Science degree (mechanical engineering) and worked with the Canadian Space Agency designing and executing Mars aerial prototypes. Subsequently working for MDA Space Missions he supported the space station operations program including training astronauts on robotics systems. He also completed a European Master in Renewable Energy degree.