Kevin Spreekmeester

Kevin Spreekmeester took the scenic route on his journey to becoming Vice President of Global Marketing for Canada Goose.

With a remarkable background in marketing, travel and photojournalism, Spreekmeester brings a unique skillset to his position, where he works relentlessly to elevate the awareness of the Canada Goose brand on the global stage. And whether it’s through strategic partnerships, like with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, or through innovative online and social strategies, or through the introduction of Canada Goose’s corporate magazine, CG, Spreekmeester has become a key player in the company’s success in just a few short years.

Spreekmeester’s approach to marketing is richly influenced by the years he’s spent behind the lens; he has travelled the world – as well as to every corner of Canada – as an accomplished outdoor and wildlife photographer. His images have appeared in a wide range of publications, including National Geographic, Maclean’s Magazine and the Globe and Mail.

In fact, it was this background that first brought him in contact with Canada Goose, when he was asked to develop and shoot Goose People, a book marking the company’s 50th anniversary. He joined Canada Goose full-time in 2008, inspired by the company’s ability to see the exotic at home before broadcasting that message to the rest of the world through its stylish, top-quality outerwear.

With a Bachelor of Communications Studies from Concordia University and a Certificate of Marketing from McGill University, Spreekmeester started his career in the world of advertising with Young and Rubicam and G/Comm Marketing, where he worked with such brands as Ford, KFC and NFL Canada, before deciding to pursue his passion for photography. But as Vice President of Global Marketing for Canada Goose, he defines his core job as being a good storyteller, which he says isn’t hard to do thanks to the brand’s authenticity, heritage and commitment to conservation.

Spreekmeester tends to be the guy turning the lights on in the morning, arriving early to see him manage a busy schedule that involves everything from overseeing IP and Trademark issues as well as a team of 12, to anti-counterfeiting strategies, consumer research, envisioning the ultimate consumer experience and defining the Canada Goose voice in multiple content channels. Spreekmeester was also the one who introduced Polar Bears International to Canada Goose, and has positioned Canada Goose as the first Canadian apparel manufacturer supporting the Conservation Alliance.

Away from the office, Spreekmeester loves being active in the great outdoors, where he regularly runs, hikes and plays golf. He’s also authored four books: two on photog¬raphy, a mystery novel and a children’s book. Spreekmeester lives just outside of Toronto with his wife, teenage son and daughter.