George Smitherman

George Smitherman is sought-after for his advice and recognized as one of Canada’s leading public policy voices, having been active in public life as an elected official and senior advisor at the local, provincial and federal level.

George most recently ran for Mayor of Toronto, after an 11-year career as a senior cabinet minister and Member of Provincial Parliament for the riding of Toronto Centre, in the province of Ontario, Canada

George Smitherman served as Ontario’s Deputy Premier a role that often saw him as the government’s leading spokesperson on many of the most contentious issues facing the province.

In 2008, George was appointed Minister of Energy and Infrastructure by Premier Dalton McGuinty, where he shepherded the passage of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, internationally recognized as the leading piece of renewable energy legislation in North America, and directly responsible for billions of dollars in new investment and thousands of green energy jobs in the province. In recognition for his leadership on the file, George received the World Wind Energy Award in 2009.

Prior to this, George served as one of Ontario’s longest serving Ministers of Health and Long-Term Care, holding the portfolio from 2003-2008. Widely viewed as the most transformative health minister in a generation, George brought hospital budgets under control while at the same time dramatically reducing medical wait times to the lowest in Canada. His tenure brought significantly improved access to doctors, nurses, community health and supportive housing and he implemented accountability measures system-wide to ensure tax dollars were being spent effectively on patient care. George shepparded reforms to Ontario’s purchasing of pharmaceutical products, which has contributed billions of dollars in savings.

George was first elected to the Ontario Legislature in 1999. Previous to this, George was an entrepreneur, operating a retail business in downtown Toronto for over a decade.

Post politics George has returned to his entrepreneurial roots founding G&G Global Solutions and three related business. G&G Global Solutions is focused on global trade and investment in energy, water and infrastructure sectors with offices in Toronto, Canada and Dhaka, Bangladesh as well as representation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Seoul, Korea.

G&G Global Solutions also holds ownership positions in Santis Health a Toronto based health care consultancy as well as York Bridge Capital, which focuses and on up companies emanating from Canadian post secondary institutions.

George and his husband Christopher live in Toronto with their two children.