Anil K. Gupta

Dr. Anil K. Gupta is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Executive Vice Chair of the National Innovation Foundation (India), and Founder of the Honey Bee Network. Dr. Gupta created the Honey Bee Network to support grassroots innovators after seeing how the rural poor of India were rich in knowledge and talent, developing a myriad of inventions out of necessity, but did not have the resources to scale up and convert these innovations into viable products. The Honey Bee Network brings together innovators, farmers, scholars, academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations though which a cross-pollination of ideas, creativity and grassroots genius takes place.

Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Gupta has published extensively in national and international publications, consults widely, has delivered several TED talks, and writes a blog at Dr. Gupta actively works to promote technological and social innovation based entrepreneurship, policies, institutions and networks, and support social change agents.