Stephen Sottile

A graduate of Smith School of Business, Stephen has worked in Kingston's sustainable energy industry since 2002. Currently, he is the Conservation Officer for Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro, with responsibility for Water and Energy conservation programming. In his time at Utilities Kingston, Stephen has helped launch Canada’s first utility-run solar water heater rental business, led efforts to make Kingston’s hydro utility a recognized industry leader in connection and integration of distributed electricity generation, and developed the City of Kingston's rooftop PV deployment strategy. He supports local sustainable energy research and technical education as a Fellow of the Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy and member of St. Lawrence College's Sustainable Energy Applied Research Centre advisory board. Stephen was the first Executive Director of “SWITCH”, eastern Ontario’s sustainable energy industry association and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer. Prior to working at Utilities Kingston, Stephen helped develop small and large-scale wind power, solar thermal, and energy conservation projects for organizations in the private, public, and cooperative sectors.