Patrick Glinski

As Head of Social Innovation, Patrick is responsible for bottom-up models of innovation, systems design, and transforming the current state of corporate social responsibility. He leads a variety of strategic and social engagements with an eye towards experience design and social good. With a foundation in measurement and data strategy, but a passion in understanding and facilitating the creative process, Patrick is a prime example of Idea Couture's D-School + B-School approach. In his current capacity, Patrick has tackled problems of organizational design for innovation, innovation process design, design research facilitation, social media program development, cause marketing strategy, digital planning, prototyping, call center design, and everything in between.

During his 10 years as a strategist, planner, and experience designer, Patrick has led a variety of projects in the social, financial services, loyalty, and media industries. Prior to joining Idea Couture, Patrick was Account Planner and Web Analytics Practice Lead at Critical Mass, overseeing digital and social strategy development for Fortune 500 companies including Citibank, ThankYou Network, Michelin and Alienware. During this time, Patrick was responsible for overseeing a team of analysts and strategists while tackling problems that included product design, experience mapping, Customer Relationship Management, web analytics program development and digital strategy. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University. He's at his best with a blank dry-erase board and a package of Post-it Notes.