Patrick Glinski

A specialist in innovation strategy, experience planning and play based facilitation, Patrick is the Head of Social Innovation at Idea Couture. Patrick is proud to have "seen the light" and discover design thinking after failing to get excited by traditional business practices and years in the credit card industry. He now leads a variety of strategic and social engagements with an eye towards participative design and social good. Patrick's focus is on bottom-up models of innovation, using collaboration, co-creation, crowdsourcing and play as a source of inspiration to drive social and design change within organizations.

While formally trained as a business strategist, Patrick is a "renaissance man", contributing lateral thinking skills that draw on experiences spanning from database development to event planning to bow-tie manufacturing to screen-writing movies about robots. Prior to joining Idea Couture, Patrick was an Account Planner with Critical Mass and Blast Radius, overseeing digital innovation and social strategy for companies including Citibank, Thank You Network, Michelin, Nintendo Europe, Esselte and Alienware. In his various roles, he's tacked problems that included product design, branding, experience design, Customer Relationship Management and digital strategy.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University. He's at his best with a blank dry-erase board and a package of Post-it Notes.