Donald MacPherson

Donald MacPherson is the author of Vancouver's groundbreaking. Four Pillars Drug Strategy that precipitated a broad public discussion on issues related to addiction. The Strategy called for new approaches to drug problems based on public health principles and the appropriate regulation of all psychoactive substances. In 2007 he received the Kaiser Foundation National Award of Excellence in Public Policy in Canada. In 2009 the City of Vancouver was awarded the Canadian Urban Institutes Secure City Award for the Four Pillars Drug Strategy. In 2009 MacPherson was awarded the Richard Dennis Drug Peace Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Drug Policy Reform by the Drug Policy Alliance in the United States. He is one of Canada's leading figures in drug policy and advocates policies based on principles of public health, human rights, social inclusion, and scientific evidence and moving away from a criminal justice paradigm where people with health problems are criminalized. MacPherson worked for the City of Vancouver for 22 years, first as Director of the Carnegie Community Centre in the Downtown Eastside and the last 12 as Drug Policy Coordinator. He is involved at local, national and international levels and is a founding member of the Canadian Drug Policy Consortium and a member of the board of the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy.