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Welcome to the upcoming events listing for the Centre for Social Impact. The Centre hosts a variety of events, including monthly webinars, annual Social Innovation Bootcamp, and Social Impact Summit. We hope you will join us for one of these engaging events.

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The Growth of Grace and Nelly: How a Social Impact Approach to Period Poverty and Unemployment in Zimbabwe Creates Opportunities for Empowerment

In this presentation, Ruvimbo Chimutsa will discuss her personal and professional experiences as founder of The Grace and Nelly Project. She will provide an overview of the origins of Grace and Nelly, discuss the early days of the project and talk about the scaling up that happened during her time in the Master of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Smith School of Business. This talk will be extremely useful for individuals looking to start a new impact venture or scale up an already existing one. Ruvimbo will share the insights she has gained as her project has expanded from distributing reusable feminine hygiene products to women in need, to building a community of female business leaders in Zimbabwe.

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  • Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | 12:00 PM
  • Virtual event via Zoom
  • Registration required
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Ruvimbo Chimutsa

Ruvimbo Chimutsa - Founder & President of Grace and Nelly

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Ruvimbo moved to Canada at the age of 19 to continue her tertiary education and never left. Ruvimbo is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and in particular menstrual rights. In 2016, Ruvimbo founded The Grace & Nelly Project with the aim of creating opportunities for women and girls in rural communities to help them achieve their dreams. Ruvimbo is a practicing lawyer and MMIE graduate. She credits the knowledge and practical experience gained through the MMIE program and the Certificate in Social Impact with the rapid scaling up of The Grace and Nelly Project.

Grace and Nelly is a project that empowers women in Zimbabwe. The project began with the distribution of reusable menstrual pads to communities where individuals who menstruate faced social barriers to participating fully in society. It has expanded to address more broadly the ‘intertwined issues of period poverty and unemployment in Zimbabwe’. The project is working to build a local manufacturing facility that will educate local women in business and entrepreneurialism. This will ensure the economic benefits of manufacturing feminine supplies are captured by the local community. Ruvimbo named the organization after her grandmothers who taught her the importance of giving back to her community, being fierce in the pursuit of your dreams and the freedom of financial independence. Born almost half a century before Zimbabwe achieved its independence both Grace & Nelly were treated as second-class citizens in the country of their forefathers, a country that not only saw them as lesser because they were black but because they were also women. Despite the unfairness of the world they lived in, these two women worked hard to achieve independence for themselves and their children.