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Mar, 2019

Volunteer Trip to Kenya with ME to WE Organization

With the determination to build a brighter future and the want to take part in meaningful travel, I decided to complete the Certificate in Social Impact program’s volunteer outreach component internationally and volunteer my time in Kenya, Africa.


Mar, 2019

Social Innovation Bootcamp: Tackling Food Security

On March 2nd, the Centre for Social Impact hosted its annual Social Innovation Bootcamp. Smith students, as well as Kingston community members, had the opportunity to engage with this year’s theme: Tackling Food Insecurity. Speakers included Mara Shaw, Executive Director, Loving Spoonful, Andy Fisher, author of Big Hunger, Professor Monica LaBarge, as well as Queen’s graduate student Amanda Moraes. Topics ranged from the impact of income on food insecurity, the contributing factors to giving, and the medicalization of hunger. The bootcamp also featured a chance for participants to create their own presentations defining food insecurity, and all the ways that we can make a difference.


Jan, 2019

Do What You Love, and Do It With Happy People

Social impact is exploding. People care. They care a lot, and they care constantly. They care so much that it will warm your heart to no end, and you will want to go out there and give all of yourself to the things that you care about.


Nov, 2018

Universal Basic Income and Social Entrepreneurship

This blog post introduces the reader to the contentious concept of universal basic income [UBI]. While UBI is both celebrated and critiqued at all points on the political spectrum, this post focuses on the impact that UBI could have on a social enterprise ecosystem.


Oct, 2018

Thinking Global, Using Local - Gwen Patrick on Shorefast, Fogo Island and the Future of Social Enterprises

On September 25th, we had a delightful session on life on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and how Shorefast is enabling a self-sustained community through social enterprise. Gwen Patrick, a fourth year Business Communication student and Kehoe Fellow at the Smith School of Business, had the opportunity to complete a Kehoe Internship with Shorefast over Summer 2018. She worked to measure, promote and support Fogo Island’s community and economy, as well as work within accounting and human resources policy development for Shorefast’s social businesses. Her talk provided an overview of her time at Shorefast, the history of Fogo Island, and the need for community engagement in building a social enterprise.