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Sep, 2017

My Internship Experience: Rohan Gandhi

Throughout my life, I have always strived to give back to the community as much as possible. Despite stereotypes associated with Commerce students, I have always hoped that my extracurricular, volunteer experiences and career would have some form of positive social impact. The Raya Aralihalli Memorial Fund managed by the Centre for Social Impact gave students exceptional opportunities to make an impact in the community while gaining crucial work experience and developing their professional skill set.


Jul, 2017

My Experience - by Nathan Mah, MEI 2017

My experience working towards the Certificate in Social Impact is one I relished. In the beginning, I was ecstatic at the opportunity to work with something bigger than just my own business project. Having come from a healthcare background, I was passionate to make a difference in others’ lives, and I thought the Certificate in Social Impact would be a perfect way to make that a reality.


Jun, 2017

Certificate Student Highlight: Caroline Hua

Each May, our Centre congratulates graduates who have dedicated their time and efforts to the completion of the Certificate in Social Impact. These graduates have engaged with charities, non-profit organizations and social enterprises, and participated in events and conferences, which have demonstrated their dedication to learning about social impact.


May, 2017

Student Profile: AMBA Impact at Royal Winter Fair

One of the highlights of working with over 500 students in the Certificate in Social Impact Program is witnessing the impact each student has on their communities. As part of our program, Certificate students participate in a volunteer project that allows them to explore their interests and apply their skills to create positive social change in their communities in Kingston, across Canada, and globally.


Mar, 2017

My Experience at the 2017 Hult Prize Regional Finals

Ryker Richard, our Student Director of Values-Based Leadership, shares his team's experience at the 2017 Hult Prize Regional Finals in London - where teams competed in this year's challenge to develop business plans to restore the rights and dignities of 10 million refugees by 2022 and a chance to win $1 million in seed funding.