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Mar, 2017

Design Thinking in the Business World

Playdough, pipe-cleaners, and Lady Gaga: not what you would expect at a typical workshop about business strategy and development. However, this was not a typical workshop. Patrick Glinski, Senior Vice President of Idea Couture and head of IC/Health, brought the worlds of design thinking and business together to show how social innovation can benefit and impact business strategy. Drawing on his deep experiences in healthcare and in the interdisciplinary collaboration between business strategy and the social sciences, Patrick explored how the process of Design Thinking in developing new business ideas can tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare.


Feb, 2017

Michael Durland; The Importance of Transparency

Michael Durland, a member of the Centre for Social Impact's Advisory Board visited the Smith School of Business to speak directly with a classroom of students, both undergraduate and graduate. Michael conveyed his sense of authenticity and leadership.


Apr, 2016

Brown Bag Lunch with Diego Moreira Soares (Tuesday April 26th)

Diego is investigating how members of geographically concentrated communities organize to pursue a common goal. To answer this question, he is examining the efforts of the Localtown community (fictitious name) to develop a local food system.


Feb, 2016

Brown Bag Lunch with Warren Mabee (Tuesday March 8th)

Warren will address four critical sectors that need to be engaged in making a transition to a zero-carbon economy: transport (or trucking), construction, planning, and energy providers.


Jan, 2016

Brown Bag Lunch with Anna Kim (Tuesday February 2nd)

Fairtrade interventions, despite their emphasis on the long term, inadvertently trapped tea producers in the short term by overlooking the temporal realities of social and biophysical rhythms. Tea producers, however, were able to escape this trap by better coordinating the flows of needs and resources by making temporal connections.