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Nov, 2018

Speaker Series: Susan McLennan

There’s a lot in life that you just can’t teach. The most successful, passionate people you meet – who have gone on these incredible journeys and ended up in the best destinations – they probably got there by accident. That is at the core of all that I took away from Susan McLennan’s lecture in Goodes Hall this week: when you stumble onto your purpose, you gotta run with it, even if you trip and fall flat on your face.


Nov, 2018

Brown Bag Lunch Highlights

On November 20th, the Centre for Social Impact hosted its monthly brown bag lunch featuring Diego Soares. Mr. Soares is a PhD candidate in Management Organizational Behaviour, who is currently developing research regarding the emotional foundations of social enterprise (SE).


Nov, 2018

Universal Basic Income and Social Entrepreneurship

This blog post introduces the reader to the contentious concept of universal basic income [UBI]. While UBI is both celebrated and critiqued at all points on the political spectrum, this post focuses on the impact that UBI could have on a social enterprise ecosystem.


Nov, 2018

Exploring the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Financial Performance: A Dynamic Perspective

This month, the Centre for Social Impact had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Jacob Brower as part of the Centre’s Brown Bag Lunch series. Dr. Brower is an Assistant Professor of Marketing here at Smith School of Business. Dr. Brower is currently researching the factors that drive the adoption of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and how CSR affects firms.