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Sep, 2015

11th Annual Social Impact Summit – Registration open, preliminary agenda now available!

The Social Impact Summit (formerly the Responsible Leadership Summit) is a prestigious two-day conference committed to educating and empowering the next generation of socially responsible leaders. Each year, the Summit attracts leading academics and practitioners to expose students to a wide variety of issues and topics that will empower them to venture out and make a social impact. Since its inception, the Summit has continually grown and now attracts over 275 delegates. The Summit is open to students from across the Queen’s University campus and other post-secondary institutions.


Sep, 2015

Brown Bag Lunch with Bertrand Malsch (Thursday October 1st)

Empirical findings supporting the widespread celebration of Compensation Committee (CC) members’ cognitive abilities seem to be, at best, inconclusive. Far from the ideal of smartness and despite the increasing presence of formal experts on boards, ongoing scandals involving top executive compensation and the increasing gap between CEO compensation and that of average workers suggest that a form of erraticism and “madness” continues to operate in the boardroom. Drawing on semi-structured interviews, mostly with CC members and compensation consultants, we mobilize the concept of functional stupidity (Alvesson and Spicer 2012) to document and analyze the extent to which CC members are characterized with “inability and/or unwillingness to use cognitive and reflective capacities in anything other than narrow and circumspect ways”.