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Jan, 2019

Do What You Love, and Do It With Happy People

Social impact is exploding. People care. They care a lot, and they care constantly. They care so much that it will warm your heart to no end, and you will want to go out there and give all of yourself to the things that you care about.


Jan, 2019

Marble Stepping Stones - My experience at the Social Finance Masterclass offered by Smith School of Business

Marble Stepping Stones My experience at the Social Finance Masterclass offered by Smith School of Business


Jan, 2019

Student Profile: Making a Positive Contribution

My passion for the area of diversity and inclusion was sparked in kindergarten when I observed students excluding a classmate of mine who had Down Syndrome. Some kids made fun of her while most kids ignored her. However, I found myself drawn to her happy demeanor and contagious laugh. As we spent time together, I discovered she also had more great attributes, like a very kind heart. I learned that her interests were much like my own: she liked singing songs, playing outside during recess, and we shared the same favourite colour. I enjoyed every second we spent together. I realized many of my fellow classmates couldn’t foresee the tremendous value her friendship would add to their lives. They did not see that she was a person first; she was not Down Syndrome but a person with Down Syndrome. I felt they had a blind spot and missed out on a great person as a result. Thanks to her friendship, I developed the vision to see the value of inclusion from a very young age. I have always carried this experience with me and it has propelled my efforts in taking a leadership role in making a positive social impact in the area of diversity and inclusion.


Nov, 2018

Speaker Series: Susan McLennan

There’s a lot in life that you just can’t teach. The most successful, passionate people you meet – who have gone on these incredible journeys and ended up in the best destinations – they probably got there by accident. That is at the core of all that I took away from Susan McLennan’s lecture in Goodes Hall this week: when you stumble onto your purpose, you gotta run with it, even if you trip and fall flat on your face.


Nov, 2018

Brown Bag Lunch Highlights

On November 20th, the Centre for Social Impact hosted its monthly brown bag lunch featuring Diego Soares. Mr. Soares is a PhD candidate in Management Organizational Behaviour, who is currently developing research regarding the emotional foundations of social enterprise (SE).