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Social Impact Summit

The Social Impact Summit is an engaging and inspiring conference program that brings together leading academics and practitioners to expose delegates to a variety of issues and topics in the area of Social Impact and Responsible Leadership. This two-day Summit is a mixture of keynote speakers, panel discussions, skill building workshops and networking opportunities designed to educate and inspire delegates to be impactful and responsible leaders both in their careers and in their local communities.

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Rebalancing Society Workshop

The Centre for Social Impact invites you to participate in a workshop on Rebalancing Society, facilitated by Professor Henry Mintzberg (McGill University). The event will feature a keynote talk by Professor Mintzberg and a panel discussion by representatives of the business, public, and nonprofit sectors. Audience participants will also engage in discussion in roundtables, to reflect on the following questions: How do we rebalance society in our local community? What are the implications for business education? What role can the School of Business and the Centre for Social Impact play in this transition?

Participants of this event are highly encouraged to read: Henry Mintzberg's Rebalancing Society.


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