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Social Innovation Bootcamp

Identify your values. Ignite your passion.

The Social Innovation Bootcamp is an engaging immersion into the world of social innovation and its implications for using business as a catalyst for social change.

This is your time to be inspired and gain new skills. You will be exposed to ways that you can identify your values as leaders and make a difference in your community. You will learn social innovation approaches that are in use today within leading corporations and apply these to a complex social and business issues.

9:00am Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:30am Welcome & Overview
9:45am The Fork in the Road – Food Security in 2019
10:15am Meal or No Meal – Can you Feed Your Family?
11:15am How Hunger Is Good for Business
12:15am The Canadian Context
12:30am Lunch
1:15pm Meal or No Meal – Can you Feed Your Family?
1:40pm Hunger as Disease: The Implications of the Medicalization of Hunger
1:50pm Sticky Challenge: Tackling Food Security
2:50pm Group Presentations
4:00pm Event Recap/Feedback

Upcoming Event

Social Innovation Bootcamp
To be confirmed
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

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What students are saying

“I learned so much! This workshop ignited a passion for social innovation - Bravo!”

- Albert Oppenheimer
MBA 2016

“The Social Innovation Bootcamp combined igniting my passion with developing tangible skills. I feel prepared to continue becoming a social entrepreneur.”

- Kristen Macmillan
Civil Engineering 2017

“The energy and passion in the room was contagious. I learned a lot and appreciated the great discussions with my team.”

- George Henry
EMBA 2016

"Know-How" for future business leaders

The Social Innovation Bootcamp is designed to provide a high quality and engaged educational experience for knowledge and skills developments of our future business leaders, and to equip them to advance successful strategies and develop the “know-how” that will create effective and sustainable social initiatives and align stakeholders for the advancement of social innovation across Canada.

Past Speakers

  • Karim Harji, Co-Founder and Director, Purpose Capital
  • Andreas Souvaliotis, Founder & Chairman, Social Change Rewards
  • Ashley Good, Founder & CEO, Fail Forward
  • Sheherazade Hirji, President and CEO, The Canadian Women’s Foundation
  • Marjorie Brans, Managing Director, School for Social Enterprise—Ontario
  • Ilana Ben-Ari, Founder and Lead Designer, Twenty One Toys
  • Anshula Chowdhury, CEO, Social Asset Measurements
  • Mauricio Meza, Co-Founder, Komodo OpenLabs
  • Joane Prowse, Founder, Green Heros and Cinefocus
  • Jessica Knox, CEO & Co-Founder, Teamwave