Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare

New opportunities for academics, business leaders and policymakers to develop research-based solutions to real-world problems

What we do

Build Multi-disciplinary Research Teams

Engage business researchers, in engineering and the social sciences, to explore research questions that address the business aspects of healthcare theory, policy and practice.

Create and Transfer Knowledge

Support and produce whitepapers, plus academic and professional publications in select areas of business-related healthcare policy. The three-part Monieson led Queen’s Health Policy Change Conferences Series will produce ten whitepapers by 2012 detailing a national healthcare strategy for Canada.

Support Services

Provide grant application preparation support, research project management and administration, and events structuring and management such as speaker series, conferences and workshops


The Monieson Centre augments its research mission with active participation, development and support of masters and executive programs in the business of healthcare.