Queen's Health Policy Change Conference Series

Article — July 01, 2015

The Queen’s Health Policy Change Conference Series is the centrepiece of a five-year initiative by Queen’s University to address the issue of transforming Canada’s healthcare system. The series is comprised of three events held over two years.

  • Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy - June 13-14, 2013
  • Creating Strategic Change in Canadian Healthcare - May 15-16, 2014
  • Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy - May 5-7, 2015

Canada does not have an overarching healthcare strategy into which its provincial and territorial systems fit. Not since the discussion surrounding Hall's Royal Commission in 1964, and the separate 2002 reports of Romanow and Kirby, has there been a comprehensive national-level debate on Canadian strategy.  The Queen’s series, a joint initiative of Queen’s School of Business, Faculty of Health Sciences, and School of Policy Studies, brings together senior Canadian and international thought leaders and decision makers from the healthcare community, business, government and academia.

Conference Series Overview:


Building a National Healthcare Strategy for Canada


What is the Meaning of Strategy in the Context of Canadian Healthcare? - Dr. A. Scott Carson

Healthcare Reform in Canada - Jeff Dixon

Canadian Healthcare Policy Since Romanow: Easy to Call for Change, Hard to Do - Steven Lewis

Conference One: Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy

In Toronto on June 2013., Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy was the first Queen's Health Policy Change Conference.  This initial conference drew together senior leaders from healthcare, government, academe and business. International perspectives were provided from seven nations, industry panels examined the role of business in system change, and conversations were held with Canadian thought leaders, including an economist, a senator, a premier, a deputy minister and a prime minister. The end result was a clear determination of consensus among all stakeholders on the need and the desire to transform the Canadian healthcare system.

Conference One Resources:

Toward a Canadian Healthcare Strategy: Conference Summary

Queen's Roundtable for Healthcare Reform

Pharmacare in Canada - Jeff Dixon

Conference Two: Creating Strategic Change in Healthcare

Creating Strategic Change in Canadian Healthcare built on the consensus developed at the first conference to address the the question: What should be the form and substance of a Canadian healthcare strategy? Approximately 150 senior-level participants from healthcare, government, academe and business participated in sessions involving international perspectives on change; thematic panels (Pharmacare, Health Human Resources, Electronic Health Records & Integrated Care) and conversations with Canadian thought leaders. 

Conference Two Resources:


2014 Conference Overview

Forms of Canadian Healthcare Strategy

Creating National Change: Lessons for Canada from Australia


Creating Strategic Change in Canadian Healthcare: Conference Summary

Compilation of Seven Draft Conference Whitepapers

Conference Three: Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy

The third conference in the series will be held in Toronto May 5-7, 2015. Once again Canadian and international leaders will participate in formulating critical elements of what could be a pan-Canadian roadmap to healthcare transformation. This time the focus will be on determining how to measure, monitor and manage a national strategy. These elements will provide a backdrop to determining a gameplan for engaging agents of change (public, business, professions, providers, government) to mobilize and sustain system transformation.

The agenda is being finalized and will include senior officials from government, healthcare professions and leading thought leaders from Canada and other nations. Registration will open in January 2015.

Visit moniesonhealth.com for ongoing details about the conference

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