Creating Strategic Change In Canadian Healthcare -Compilation of Conference Paper Working Drafts

Report — July 01, 2015

Compilation of seven working draft papers produced in advance of the 2014 Queen's Health Policy Change Conference: Creating Strategic Change in Canada Healthcare. In the final form these papers and other from the conference series will be published in a book to be released in  2015.

If Canada had a System-Wide Healthcare Strategy, What Form Could it Take?

A. Scott Carson

The Need for a pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Strategy
Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Chantal Demers, Yvonne James & Emily Bray

Toward a Coordinated Electronic Health Record (EHR) Strategy for Canada
Francis Lau, Morgan Price & Jesdeep Bassi

Integrating Care for Persons With Chronic Health and Social Needs
Walter P. Wodchis, A. Paul Williams & Gustavo Mery

Health Policy Reform in Canada: Bridging Policy and Politics
Don Drummond

Evaluating Health Policy and System Performance: Are We Moving to a Network Model?
Gregory P. Marchildon 

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