Backgrounder : Healthcare Reform in Canada - Jeff Dixon

Report — June 20, 2013

By Jeff A. Dixon, Associate Director, The Monieson Centre for Business Research in Healthcare, Queen's School of Business

The need for healthcare reform in Canada is clear. A system once designed around acute care now has to treat a population that is living longer and experiencing increasingly complex chronic conditions. Despite many attempts at changing healthcare delivery
in Canada’s provinces and territories, Canada continues to have one of the most expensive systems in the world, and yet its health outcomes are outpaced by many of its Western counterparts. The Queen’s Health Policy Conference Series seeks to address this challenge by analyzing the process of change to recommend ways forward for implementing, managing and assessing reforms in Canadian healthcare. It employs an interdisciplinary approach integrating perspectives from healthcare, policy, and business, along with instructive models from around the globe, to address the obstacles to reform and point the way forward. This paper serves as a backgrounder, exploring the underlying challenges facing healthcare delivery in Canada and the nature of major reform e
fforts to date. Recognizing the multijurisdictional nature of healthcare delivery in Canada, it provides an overview of the health reform landscape and provides a backdrop for future whitepapers developed through the conference series. 

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