Research Proposals

The CPA Centre for Governance & Accountability is pleased to solicit proposals for basic research. Funding is open to all researchers at Smith School of Business and invited researchers in law, economics and related disciplines.

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Funding Programs Categories

Main Grant Proposals

For Amounts $5000 or more

To fund research relevant to the Centre’s theme but with a longer term development of basic research. In other words the applicant is in the early stages of developing a major research idea and needs substantial funds to carry out an initial paper in the area prior to applying for a larger thematic grant from a funding council or where the applicant has a significant basic research ‘one of’ project that would not normally attract the multi-year funding from such councils.

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Small Grant Proposals

For Amounts up to $4500

To fund research relevant to the Centre’s theme that is done in the present tense – the here and now. In other words the applicant has a well developed basic research idea and needs funds to implement it in a relatively short period of time and is constrained by funding.

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Infra-structure Proposals

Single item infrastructure like purchases that will benefit potentially multiple Queen's researchers who carry out basic research related to the Centre’s Governance theme.

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