Great Place To Work Program

The Competitive Advantage

No matter where your organization is in its journey to build or sustain a great workplace, the goal of the Smith Great Place to Work team is to help you and your business thrive.

Our partnership with GPTW combines over 30 years of strength in the Organizational Behaviour, Engagement and Research sectors – and by conducting the largest employee survey initiative in the world, we are the optimal choice to take your organization to the top and set it apart from all others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help workplaces like yours transform and succeed as a great workplace – where your employees are thrilled to come to work and your customers are loyal to your products and services. This is accomplished by providing you and your leaders with key insight into their organization and access to the most comprehensive benchmark data set anywhere. These are key factors to assist you as you build the pathways to a high-trust culture.

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Our Benefits

The GPTW Program provides value to you in many ways, and it can make a real difference for how you work and succeed.

  • Get real-time insight into your employees’ perceptions and your organizational practices, operations and innovation
  • Monitor the impact of your decisions, programs and business realities
  • Discover how the relationships between all levels of your employee base impact strategic growth and your overall success
  • Empower your organization with a great depth of data and analyses
  • Create targeted action plans and strategies based on the results of your survey data