What is TriColour Venture Fund?


TriColour Venture fund (TCVF) at Smith School of Business is Canada's first student-advised venture capital fund. This VC fund allows Full Time MBA and Commerce students to gain the ultimate experiential learning opportunity through managing a multi-million dollar fund.

This academic course is about putting real money in to real businesses. Students meet directly with potential portfolio companies, assess the opportunities, and conduct in depth due diligence and make recommendations to the Investment Advisory Board - a committee of seasoned entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Deals are syndicated in conjunction with some of Canada's leading venture capital companies and angel investors.

The TCVF is seeded with contributions from alumni and friends of Queen's University, and all proceeds from the Fund are reinvested into maintaining and expanding the innovative educational program.

The Process

  • The course runs annually from August through December. Companies interested in being considered, submit an Executive Summary or Investors Briefing and detailed business pitch deck presentation - deadline: Sunday, August 14, 2022 – 5:00 pm EST

  • The students perform an initial screening using a framework designed to evaluate each submission as an investment opportunity. Up to four companies will be selected for deeper analysis.

  • The students conduct due diligence on their short-listed companies. This evaluation process involves face-to-face meetings, pitch presentations, financial modelling, research, and analysis.

  • In the first week of December, the students make investment recommendations to the Investment Advisory Board. Any company recommended for investment will be eligible to receive up to $150,000 in funding as a co-investment with the company’s existing lead investor or potential new investors.

  • The Investment Advisory Board acts on the recommendations of the students and engages the eligible companies in concluding due-diligence work and negotiating investment terms.


If you wish to be considered for TriColour Venture Fund, please submit an executive summary or Investors Briefing (no more than 2 pages) along with a detailed business pitch deck presentation (please save both your files with your business name) and upload it securely to Dropbox.

Applications Open
TCVF will open for submissions on June 01, 2022

Applications Close
August 14, 2022 – 5:00pm EST

Looking for Venture Financing?

For Venture Financing, we invite companies to participate in the TriColour Venture Fund program where MBA students evaluate your business as a potential for venture investment.

Submissions Criteria

  • We are looking for early stage companies (Prototype or MVP ready) or businesses seeking funding for growth
  • The ideal companies would be seeking an investment round amount of up to $750K
  • Submitting companies should already be funded and must be engaged, or in the process of, engaging a lead investor

The Fund actively encourages entrepreneurs to submit Executive Summaries and Business Pitch deck for the Fund's consideration. The description of your early-stage venture should include an introduction to your team, an overview of the opportunity, and a clear articulation of the competitive advantages fuelling your new venture.

Our investment portfolio currently includes the following companies

Datec Coating Corporation

Mississauga, Ontario - 2006

Datec Coating Corporation is an innovative high tech materials science company that provides coatings and coating services for high performance coatings development, coating applications and heating solutions


Vennsa Technologies, Inc.

Toronto, Ontario - 2010

Vennsa Technologies is the leading supplier of automated debugging and error localization software. Leveraging over 15 years of cutting edge research and patented IP, Vennsa's technology has been validated by numerous industrial partners. Its product automates the manual tasks of debug and error localization at the register transfer level (RTL), drastically reducing the time required to locate and correct errors


SPARQ Systems Inc.

Kingston, Ontario – 2010

SPARQ Systems is an Ontario-based manufacturer of smart micro-inverters for photovoltaic (PV) power systems. A micro-inverter is a miniaturized voltage converter suitable for use with solar panels, significantly improving the overall efficiency of PV systems under normal as well as adverse conditions


CrowdWave Games

Ottawa, Ontario - 2011

CrowdWave® engages fans interactively. Fans connect through play with each other, with the team and with sponsors. Our proprietary system of cameras, server and software captures and interprets fan movement to control branded big-screen experiences. Fans cooperate or compete, section versus section, level versus level, simply by moving their arms. Those movements control games and polls customized for teams and sponsors during breaks in the on-court, on-field or on-ice action. CrowdWave® entertains, CrowdWave® connects, CrowdWave® drives premium sponsorship revenue

Profound Medical Inc.

Toronto, Ontario - 2011

Arguably the best medical imaging tool in common use today, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) enables a clinician to “see” in detail the internal organs of a patient non-invasively. Ultrasound imaging and thermal coagulation therapy have proven utility in several medical applications. When combining the two methodologies, the opportunity exists for an optimal and vastly superior clinical outcome. PMI has developed a novel MRI-compatible ultrasound energy wand to deliver controlled thermal therapy to the regions of the prostate gland via a trans-urethral approach. The system has been extensively tested and delivered consistent and predictable proof-of-concept results in mathematical, gel, pre-clinical models


Therapeutic Monitoring Systems

Ottawa, Ontario - 2012

Therapeutic Monitoring Systems Inc. (TMS) is developing clinical decision support software applications that provide critical care physicians and staff with remarkable insights into patient status and prognosis. Seamlessly integrating with existing monitors, our CIMVA family of software applications continuously analyze patient vital sign variability in order to detect changes in patient health status not otherwise observable using current standard-of-care monitoring in the ICU. Clinical studies to date strongly indicate that CIMVA holds the promise of significantly improving the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of critically ill patients, enabling more timely and effective critical care decisions