About the Dare to Dream Internship

The “Dare to Dream” internships are the latest additions to a slate of programs at Smith School of Business, designed to encourage and help entrepreneurs launch their new ventures. These internships are specifically focused on providing critical resources to help School of Business graduates turn their new venture business plans into reality.

Many students develop business plans while in the program, yet upon graduation, are faced with a tough dilemma: take a full-time job in order to pay the rent and/or student loans and sacrifice the opportunity to bring their business plans to fruition or pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while finding other ways to make ends meet. The “Dare to Dream” internships are designed to make it possible for graduates to pursue the latter, by not only covering living expenses, but also providing other critical resources such as office space and access to the invaluable Queen’s network of contacts.

Each internship provides funding for three months, up to a total of $15,000. Students who are about to graduate apply for the internships and are selected into the program based a series of criteria including the strength of their business opportunity, their plan of action, and their passion for the venture. The three months of internship will see students working extensively with select faculty and contacts at Smith School of Business and The Smith School of Business Centre for Business Venturing.

We view this program as an integral part of our commitment to ‘improving the odds of success for new ventures’ as it closes one gap for students – the difficult choice between resources to live and resources to work on launching their new dream venture.

Contact us to apply for the Dare to Dream Internships!

Be a Mentor

As an entrepreneur, investor, funding agency, or a new venture subject area expert, you can get involved with the QCBV community in helping young entrepreneurs succeed in bringing their ideas to reality.

Guide young entrepreneurs in their efforts to start their own new ventures! Email john-paul-shearer@queensu.ca about mentoring our Dare to Dream interns and New Ventures Club members.