About the Dare to Dream Internship

The Dare to Dream internship through Queen's Centre for Business Venturing (QCBV) at Smith School of Business is designed to encourage and enable entrepreneurs in launching their new ventures. The program is specifically focused on providing critical resources to help Smith graduates turn their new venture business plans into reality. The program provides up to a total of $15,000 over a three month period.

Many students create new ventures while in their program, yet upon graduation, they are faced with a tough dilemma: take a full-time job in order to pay for rent and/or student loans and sacrifice the opportunity to bring their business to fruition versus pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams while bootstrapping to make ends meet. Dare to Dream was created to make it possible for graduates to pursue the latter, by not only covering expenses, but also providing other critical resources such as office space and access to the invaluable Smith and Queen's network of contacts.


  • Founders/Co-Founders should be in their final year of study and about to graduate or have graduated within the last three months
  • Studying one of the following programs at Smith School of Business: Commerce, Master of Business Administration (MBA), or Master of Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (MMIE)


  • Can articulate the vision of the business clearly and concisely
  • Proven research and market validation including a strong understanding of the total addressable market - customer transactions/revenue generation are favourable conditions
  • The business has a prototype or Minimum Viable, Valuable, Validated Product (MVVVP)
  • Strong team with proven core competencies - advisor team is a strong asset
  • Can clearly demonstrate the business revenue model and profitability
  • Clearly establish what the money will be used for
  • Founder/Co-Founder can demonstrate the strength of the business opportunity, a clear plan of action, and passion for the venture

Application Instructions

Please submit a detailed powerpoint presentation pitch deck along with an executive summary (no more than 2 pages). Key aspects to cover include, but are not limited to: vision and value proposition, the problem/opportunity, target market (validated), the solution, revenue model, marketing and sales strategy, team (including advisors/Board of Directors), financials, competition, other investments (including where from), and the use of funds.

Send your business presentation to JP Shearer at john-paul.shearer@queensu.ca. Save the file as your business name. Deadline for applications - Friday, February 22 - 11:59pm

Queen's Centre for Business Venturing at Smith School of Business views this program as an integral part of our commitment to 'improving the odds of success for new ventures' as it closes a big gap - the difficult choice between resources to live and resources to work when launching a new venture.

Submit your business presentation

"…the Dare to Dream Program allowed me to do exactly what it said it was going to do. It allowed me to dream. It allowed me to not just have to look inside the box of having to get a job because I had to pay for my education. It was to really go out there and test an idea and see if I could build a business."

Michelle Romanow (BSc (Eng) ’07, MBA’08
Dragon, CBC Dragons’ Den
Co-Founder SnapSaves (acq by Groupon) and
Co-Founder of Clearbanc

Manny Kandola, Interest Piggy

Be a Mentor

As an entrepreneur, investor, funding agency, or a new venture subject area expert, you can get involved with the QCBV community in helping young entrepreneurs succeed in bringing their ideas to reality.

Guide young entrepreneurs in their efforts to start their own new ventures! Email john-paul.shearer@queensu.ca about mentoring our Dare to Dream interns or aspiring entrepreneurs.

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