Past Initiatives

Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada

by Aon Hewitt & Smith School of Business

For over 10 years Smith School of Business partnered with Aon Hewitt to aide in the engagement levels of employees for small & medium sized enterprises nationwide through the successful program The Best Small & Medium in Canada Study.

Using the methodology of the well-known Best Employers in Canada survey, this study identified an organization’s ranking amongst other SMEs based on:

  • Employee opinions
  • Organization practices
  • Perspectives of the organization's leadership team

"We’ve been participating in the Best Small and Medium Employers engagement survey for the past eight years. We undertook the survey because employee engagement is a key business metric. We use the survey results to develop corporate action plans and improve year after year. Our process for the survey has always been: listen to feedback, build action plans, deliver on the action plans, and measure improvement. It has helped us strengthen our culture. It ensures our leadership team is accountable for employee engagement. And it establishes as a truly employee-focused organization."

Deborah Ward
Chief Human Resources Officer

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