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International Business

International Business

The field of International Business (IB) focuses on the issues which are encountered by firms that conduct business across national boundaries, including importing and exporting and foreign direct investment. These firms face the challenges of how to identify, adapt to and take advantage of the cross-national differences in factor costs, consumer demands, competitive forces, regulatory environments, human resources, and socio-cultural norms.

International Business electives help students develop the global mindset and cross-cultural awareness necessary for effective management and leadership in today's globally integrated economy; these skills are vital to all functional interests and career goals, and also help students maximize the learning and understanding gained from their international exchange experiences. With their broad portfolio of research expertise and international experience, the IB group here at Smith School of Business offers a variety of courses to meet your learning and career objectives.


COMM 353 Managing Across Cultures
COMM 373 International Negotiations
COMM 374 International Business Strategy
COMM 375 International Business
COMM 376 Doing Business in the Asia-Pacific Rim
COMM 398 Business, Government and the Global Economy
COMM 472 Business and Development

Course offerings vary year to year, the course term is subject to change, course enrolment is limited, and courses may be cancelled due to instructor availability or low enrolment. Use SOLUS to get the most up-to-date course offerings.

Course Selection Guide

Micro Level: Focus on individual behaviour and social interaction in the international context COMM 353 COMM 373
Firm Level: Focus on firm-level strategy in IB COMM 374 COMM 376
Macro Level: Focus on the economic, political, and regulatory environment of IB COMM 375 COMM 398


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