Fields of Study

General Management

The General Management category includes special interest courses such as Law, Ethics, Real Estate, and other areas which are important to management but do not constitute an entire sub-field of study in the business school.



COMM 303 Business and Ethics
COMM 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
COMM 309 Real Estate Management
COMM 354 Relationships and Reconciliation in Business and Beyond
COMM 381 Business Law I
COMM 382 Business Law II
COMM 408 Sustainability Strategies and Practices
COMM 504 Directed Independent Study in Consulting and Professional Service

Course offerings vary year to year, the course term is subject to change, course enrolment is limited, and courses may be cancelled due to instructor availability or low enrolment. Use SOLUS to get the most up-to-date course offerings.


Please refer to the faculty profiles for individual research interests and publications.