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Smith Commerce Resources

Posted on February, 2021

Commerce Academic Advisors:

Commerce Academic Advisors, Emily Hartley, Robin Bearse and Amr Hosny (International Academic Advisor), are available to students throughout the year. Advisors can provide you with assistance with a number of academic issues, including:

  • Timetable issues
  • Course selection
  • Degree requirements
  • Leaves of Absence, Letters of Permission, Appeals and Special Permission
  • Assistance with finding services on campus
  • If you are not sure where to get help, please speak with an Academic Advisor, and they will be able to help you or direct you to the right place. To book a virtual appointment, log in to the Commerce Portal and click on the Academic Advising button along the top menu bar.
Emily Harley, Commerce Academic Advisor Robin Bearse, Commerce Academic Advisor Amr Hosney, Commerce Academic Advisor for International Students
Emily Hartley Robin Bearse Amr Hosny
(she/her) (she/her) (he/him)

Diversity and Inclusivity Coordinator:

Mofi Badmos (she/her) is the Diversity and Inclusivity Coordinator in the Commerce program at Smith School of Business. She leans on her passions to support the successes of and advocate for students belonging to equity-seeking groups utilizing anti-racist, equitable and inclusive lenses. In her role she fosters inclusive spaces for Commerce students, supports the transition needs of International and Domestic students, and works with colleagues on developing and implementing equitable strategies.

Mofi brings her lived experience as a former international student into her work and she is dedicated to anti-racism work, representation, advocacy and empowerment within Higher Education learning. She expresses this passion and commitment through her work at Smith School of Business. Mofi completed her Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology at Ontario Tech University and a Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Ryerson University.

Mofi supports Commerce students through:

  • 1 on 1 advising on: accessing supports and resources on and off campus, community building, experiences on campus (including but not limited to homesickness, racism, exclusion);
  • Coordinating community focused events and gatherings for Commerce students; and
  • Student advocacy
  • To book an online appointment with Mofi, go to the Commerce Portal and click on the Diversity/Inclusivity button along the top menu bar or connect with Mofi by email.
Mofi Badmos, Commerce Diversity and Inclusivity Coordinator
Mofi Badmos

Indigenous Recruitment and Initiatives Coordinator:

Ann Deer (she/her) is the Indigenous Recruitment an Initiatives Coordinator for the Smith Commerce program. She is Mohawk from the Wolf Clan, of Akwesasne. Ann brings her professional Indigenous network and living traditional Haudenosaunee knowledge. She is passionate about lifelong learning, plants as medicine, cultural foods, and its ties to sovereignty, building community and supporting our young leaders. Ann completed her Bachelor of Arts with Honours in both Native Studies and Canadian Studies at Trent University and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership at St. Lawrence University.

Ann supports Commerce students through:

  • 1 to 1 support for Indigenous students on community connections, professional Indigenous business network building, Indigenous culture connection, safe space to talk, finding resources, Indigenous Bursaries, and Indigenous job postings (in collaboration with Commerce Career Centre)
  • Organizing events (beading circles and tea, cultural events, Indigenous Business/Finance guest speakers, Feast nights)
  • Assisting with the Smith Commerce Indigenous Council, and the Annual Reconciliation on Bay St. Conference
Ann Deer, Indigenous Recruitment and Initiatives Coordinator
Ann Deer

Ann also meets 1 to 1 with other Commerce students to talk confidentially about Indigenous issues on campus, in class, and how to support one another in building a safe space. She provides culturally appropriate teaching for students to understand Indigenization of space that they can carry with them into their professional career.

Connect with Ann by email.

Commerce Personal Counsellors:

Commerce Counsellors, Jo-ann Ferreira (she/her) and Marissa Holway (she/her), are an extension of Queen's University's Student Wellness Services employed by Smith Student Wellness Services. They are professional counsellors who can assist you with the following:

  • Private and confidential matters
  • Adjusting to University
  • Academic concerns
  • Mental health
  • Anxiety/stress
  • Drug/Alcohol misuse or abuse
  • Sleep Problems
  • Grief
  • Sadness/low mood/depression
  • Family/Relationship Concerns
  • Career exploration 

Counselling services are provided at no charge and are available online for students. To book an appointment, log in to the Commerce Portal and click on the Personal Counselling button along the top menu bar. 

  Jo-Ann Ferreira, Commerce Personal Counsellors    Marissa Holway, Commerce Personal Counsellor
Jo-Ann Ferreira Marissa Holway
(she/her) (she/her)

Community of Care Support Group

Join a Community of Care Support Group:

The Community of Care provides confidential, professionally-facilitated support groups for Commerce students navigating university life.

BIPOC SUPPORT GROUP - Open to self-identifying Black, Indigenous and People of colour (BIPOC) students, this weekly support group is framed through an intersectional, anti-racist and anti-oppression lens, with emphasis on the intersecting identities that produce unique experiences.

Register today!

LGBTQ2S+ SUPPORT GROUP - Open to all students who identify under the LGBTQ2S+ umbrella, this group provides support for those navigating a university designed for cisgender and heterosexual students, and a place of belongingness to connect with others who understand your experiences.

Register today!

PROBLEM SOLVING & SUPPORT GROUP - Open to all students who feel like they don’t quite fit the “Commerce mold”. This weekly group supports those who experience imposter syndrome, worry they are on the fringes of the community, or are wondering if they are in the right career.

Register today!

Professors’ Office Hours and TA Support:

Reaching out to your Professors during Office Hours and/or by email can be very helpful for many students to seek clarification of class material, ask for feedback on assignments, quizzes, exams and any other deliverables in the course. Office hours will be specific to each professor are usually posted on the course website or in the course syllabus. In addition, we encourage you to reach out and utilize the support available from your Teaching Assistant (TAs), as they can also be an excellent resource.

BrainTrust Tutoring:

BrainTrust is a low-cost peer tutor service offered through the Commerce Society. BrainTrust provides academic support through one-to-one tutoring and exam review sessions for students in the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Read more about Commerce student support opportunities.

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