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The Career Advancement Centre is here to support your student

Posted on February, 2021

This time of year, many students are experiencing a lot of stress and pressure related to summer job search. Students frequently believe that they are the only ones without a job offer while, in fact, over 40% of the class are still seeking employment.  This year, Covid-19 has meant than even more students are still seeking summer employment.

The good news for students is that even with the pandemic, many employers are still recruiting and posting job opportunities.

We find that two common mistakes that students make while searching for work are:

1. relying exclusively on job postings and;

2. delaying their job search indefinitely (often due to feeling stressed or overwhelmed). 

Here are two ways students can overcome job search inertia and stress:

Meeting with a career coach. 

The Career Advancement Centre (CAC) has a team of coaches who are available to meet with students on an individual basis.  Recurring meetings can be scheduled to support a student through the entire job search process including self-assessment, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, networking and job search strategies that go beyond job postings.  Meeting with a coach can also help with the emotional roller coaster that many students experience as they seek summer employment.

Connecting with alumni

The Queen’s/Smith alumni network are eager to support, advise and mentor our students. Even if they can’t provide job opportunities, they can provide valuable connections and tips to help students secure employment.  Alumni can be found through SmithConnect and LinkedIn.  SmithConnect is a private Smith School platform that currently has over 5500 alumni who have registered and indicated the different ways they are willing to support students.  A career coach can guide students on best practices and ways to get the most out of the alumni network.

Don’t hesitate to encourage your son or daughter to reach out the CAC for support and guidance. Students can contact the CAC.

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