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Exchange offers are on the way!

Posted on January, 2020

By the Centre for International Management

The New Year is here and your student’s exchange application is now complete. The coming weeks will be full of anticipation as we get ready to release the exchange offers in early February.

Your student will receive one exchange offer for the 2020/2021 academic year, for one of the schools they selected in their School Selection Survey. This offer will contain the school and term for which they have been selected to go on exchange. Once received, your student will have a week to decide whether they will accept or decline their offer. Should they choose to decline their offer, it means they have chosen not to participate in an exchange during the 2020/2021 academic year.

Before releasing the exchange offers, the Centre for International Management will be delivering an Exchange Offer webinar in late January and students will need to view this webinar by January 29th. Viewing the webinar is mandatory and students will not receive their exchange offer if they choose not to view the webinar in its entirety.

After your student has (hopefully) accepted their exchange offer (and approximately 85% of the class do), their exchange journey has truly begun. For students going on exchange in the fall, we will hold a pre-departure seminar in March. Those going on exchange in winter will attend a session in September. All students will have the opportunity to participate in a networking session on Sunday, March 15th. This event will allow them to connect with students who have attended their exchange school in the past, as well as network with the incoming exchange students that Smith is currently hosting.

In addition to the above, there are many items that need to be taken care of before your student departs for exchange. We have highlighted some key responsibilities below. A more detailed pre-departure checklist is available on the Exchange Portal.

Centre for International Management Responsibilities

  • We will nominate your student to their host university, following the timelines set by our partner schools.
  • We will assess all course and course package requests received through our Exchange Course Approval System (ECAS), so that your student knows how their courses will transfer back to their Queen’s Commerce degree.

 Student Responsibilities

  • Your student must submit their application to their host university, after we have nominated them, and by the application deadline. The host university will contact your student directly with details about their particular application process.
  • Your student is responsible for booking their own flights, securing their own study visa, and sourcing their own accommodation. They should do this under the advice and guidance of their host university. Some universities will offer on-campus residence, while others will have details on how students can find appropriate accommodations nearby.
  • Your student will need to ensure they follow all timelines and apply for their study visa in enough time for it to be processed. Some consulates can take up to 12 weeks, or more, to process visas!
  • Your student must ensure that they submit their courses and course packages for review in ECAS. We will provide them with details on how to do this, but it is their responsibility to ensure their courses are approved before going on exchange. Students must take 15.0 Queen’s units on exchange, with at least 9.0 units being in Commerce subjects. A maximum of 6.0 Arts and Science units (which includes economics) can be transferred back from exchange.
  • Your student must complete the Off-Campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP) before going on exchange. This report provides Queen’s with your student’s emergency contact details for exchange and will enable your student to assess the safety risks associated with life in their host country/city.
  • Your student must ensure they have the appropriate travel health insurance either through AMS or through another independent provider.

 We will continue to work with your student throughout their exchange journey, which includes the time they spend overseas. We look forward to hearing their stories of development and achievement upon their return to campus.

 The Centre for International Management (CIM) is located in Room 321, Goodes Hall. Students can access the Exchange Portal via the Commerce Portal; from there, they can access online resources and book an appointment to speak to an Exchange Advisor. Our email is:


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