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Researching Exchange

Posted on December, 2019

By the Centre for International Management

As 2019 comes to a close, your students are entering the final stages of their exchange application, with the focus on completing their Decision Matrix and making their school selections. The Smith School of Business is very proud of our strong global network of partner schools; we have over 100 in 39 countries. However, this can understandably sometimes make the selection process a little overwhelming! We encourage you to continue the conversation with your student during the winter break so that you can both be satisfied with the final selections. Students will be offered one exchange option only for the 2020-2021 academic year, and so it is extremely important that they make their selections wisely.

The Decision Matrix and Essay

The Decision Matrix and essay are available on the Exchange Portal and your student must submit their final copy by January 2nd, 2020. This is the final graded piece of the exchange application and it is important for your student to consider their criteria carefully. It has been designed to help students establish their unique reasons for exchange and to determine which country, school, and term is right for them.

To assist your student in selecting the most suitable exchange schools, we encourage you to have conversations about:

  • Their academic, cultural, and personal goals for exchange
  • Terms dates and how they may work with their potential summer internship
  • Courses available at the partner schools
  • Cost of living and financing exchange
  • Size of school and/or city and/or country
  • Their unique interests and needs, including any health or academic accommodations needed
  • Languages spoken in their countries of interest

Exchange School Selections

In addition to the Decision Matrix, your student must also submit their selection of up to 15 schools by January 2nd, 2020, using the online form that will be sent to them directly by email. Although your student is not graded on their school selections, they should ensure that they make their selections carefully, with the guidance of the Decision Matrix, as they will be offered only one spot for exchange. Your student must indicate both the school name and the desired term for each selection and the selection must match the schools listed in the Decision Matrix In addition to the above considerations, they should continue to review the following resources, which are all available on the Exchange Portal and on the Exchange Course Approval System (also known as ECAS):

  • Partner school websites
  • Partner school Fact Sheets
  • Exchange experience essays

For further information on the exchange application process and exchange policies including school allocations and exchange offers, please have your student review the Exchange Portal.

The Centre for International Management (CIM) is located in Room 321, Goodes Hall and our office will remain open until December 24th at noon. Students can book an appointment to see an Exchange Advisor via the Exchange Portal and we will be happy to assist with any questions they may have. Alternatively, they can contact us via email at

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