Leaders require more than just high marks to motivate, persuade, and excite. That is why at Smith School of Business, where our mission is to develop the leaders of tomorrow, we select students for the Bachelor of Commerce Program on the basis of both their academic record and their record of extracurricular achievements.

Who Should Apply

We want to know who you are beyond your marks. Once you qualify academically, it is up to you to show us who you really are and why you want to study business at Queen’s. We receive over 6,000 applications per year for 475 first-year positions and we make offers to those applicants who are able to effectively convey the qualities we are seeking.

We are looking for students who demonstrate clear thinking, an interest in international studies, enthusiasm, ambition, team skills, and a keen interest or some experience in business.

We are seeking students who are:

  • Well-rounded academically with diverse interests
  • Bright, enthusiastic, and ambitious
  • People who make a difference, in class, in their school, or in their community

Who have:

  • Leadership skills
  • An aptitude for both quantitative and qualitative subjects
  • And who thrive in a team environment
Admission requirements

How to Apply

All applications are made on-line through the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC).

After you submit your application to OUAC, you are required to complete two separate documents that allow you to tell us your story.

  • The Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) document has questions for all Queen’s applicants to complete
  • The Supplementary Essay (SE) is a separate document that has additional questions for Commerce applicants to complete

These two documents create your personal portfolio that will be reviewed by two members of the Commerce admission team. It is very important that you take the time and effort to plan and write both documents as complete, well-written essays that tell your story.

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