Doing business in developing countries is one of the hottest topics on today’s business agenda. Whether it is the opportunities of selling to vast and growing markets—the so called “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”—or the prospects of dramatically lower costs through outsourcing, business leaders are interested in developing country markets as never before. This broad-ranging course aims to apply the tools of economics and international business to understand the opportunities and pitfalls of doing business in developing-country environments. The course will focus on a range of practical business-focused questions, but it will also bring students to the frontier of debates in development economics and business ethics. Topics include: Assessing opportunities and challenges in emerging markets; building capabilities for doing business in weak institutional environments; debates among leading schools of thought on development; and the roles and responsibilities of profit-seeking businesses. The course should be of interest to students interested in development economics, international business and business ethics.

Prerequisite - COMM 172 

This course is restricted to students enrolled in the 3rd or 4th year of the Commerce Program.

NOTE: This course counts as credit towards the Certificate in Social Impact.